Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Shanghai, Yixue Squirrel AI is the first K12 EdTech company which specializes in intelligent adaptive education in China and is the market leader. Yixue Squirrel AI is the first domestic adaptive learning engine based on the advanced algorithm and with the complete independent intellectual property developed by YiXue Education. Squirrel is the symbol for "agility, diligence and management." This aligns with the experience Yixue Squirrel AI provides for its students, to help them advance learning through the real-time adaptive system and cultivate good learning habits with practice.

Like the AlphaGo simulated Go master, the AI system simulated human teacher giving the student a personalized learning plan and one-on-one tutoring, with 5 to 10 times higher efficiency than traditional instructions. YiXue Squirrel AI offers the high-quality after-school courses in subjects such as Chinese, Math, English, Physics, and Chemistry. Powered by its proprietary AI-driven adaptive engine and custom-built courseware, YiXue’s “Squirrel AI” platform provides students with a supervised adaptive learning experience that has been proven to improve both student efficacy and engagement across YiXue’s online learning platform and offline learning centers.

Up to now, Yixue Squirrel AI has opened over 700 schools and has 3,000 teaching staff in more than 100 cities across more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China. The three rounds of financing have helped Yixue accumulate over 300 million RMB (44 million USD). Investors include SIG, NGP, Jing Lin capital, CASH (Chinese Academy of Science Holdings) Capital, Greenwoods Investment, New Oriental Education (NYSE: EDU), Tomorrow Advancing Life, the Isle, and Yu Minhong (the founder of New Oriental Education).

YiXue has established an artificial-intelligence-driven education laboratory in New York, and an artificial-intelligence focused joint lab in Silicon Valley with SRI International (Standford Research Institute).